Summer Education Events

For the Raptor Conservation Program
Education Events for the Raptor Conservation Program
Chintimini's weekly summer educational events give you the opportunity to visit and learn about the conservation issues concerning wildlife in our area.

One of the highlights of these events is our free-flying raptor program, demonstrating the adaptations of flight that have allowed them to become apex predators in almost every habitat. Showcasing the ability of these magnificent animals allows the audience to gain a new understanding of the skills needed to survive in the wild.

Red-tailed hawk in flight
Red-tailed hawk in flight

Stations showcasing adaptations shared by many birds of prey will allow visitors to explore how finely tuned senses help these animals survive the challenges of living in the wild.

checking out talons, feathers and fur
Checking out talons, feathers and fur

Programs featuring live falcons, hawks, eagles, vultures, and owls are designed for all ages, making these events perfect for the entire family! Each event provides an in-depth look at birds of prey found across North America, and how issues such as habitat loss, automobile strikes, electrocution, and poisons affect them all. Most importantly, these programs will give the audience a sense of how everyone can help!

Suggested donation of $5 for adults and children 9 years and up.

Through education, we can all help make the world a better place for the wildlife that share the world with us.


List of Upcoming Raptor Events

Events start each Saturday at 10:30 am

Chintimini's Summer weekend events will return May 7th, 2016. We will post the events right here, so please bookmark this page!


More info about Raptors?

Contact Tara Christiansen at or 541-745-5324.

Photos used on the Raptor Conservation Program pages are courtesy of Dillon Powers.